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Deep Search needs "Assisted" category in the EME contest

CW is King!Posted by Peter Wednesday, September 19 2012 21:38:27
Today I was looking at the scores from the 2011 ARRL EME Competition. Glad to see my score listed as #10 in the CW, all bands category.

However, reading the Soapbox comments by NZ5N made smile, but for another reason. This is what Bill is saying:

"I decided to operate the contest by the rules, which means without internet assistance. I was strongly opposed to the elimination of the assisted category, and remain so, it just makes no sense, since those who prefer unassisted are not competing against those who prefer assisted.

Many who share this view opted not to participate in this contest, but I decided to give it a try. Found myself missing the camaraderie of the chat room, and learning about the equipment used by the stations I worked.

Perhaps more importantly, this contest format appears to eliminate QRP stations almost completely. As mentioned, well over half the stations I worked were speaker copy, and only one of the 55 stations I worked was below -22. I could have worked stations at -28 or -29 if I knew where to find them. The ARRL needs to find a way to get smaller stations involved in this, the most important EME contest of the year.

73, Bill NZ5N

Look at this statement:

"this contest format appears to eliminate QRP stations almost completely"


I strongly oppose to this false statement! It is not the contest format that has eliminated the QRP stations, it is just a mere fact that the "Deep Search module" in Joe Taylors software JT65 will not print unknown callsigns on the screen. The program needs to know the calls in advance, otherwise it will not be able to perform it's cheating guesswork.

So, without the "camaraderie of the chat room" Bill can not present new calls to the software as he is unaware of them, and the Deep Search module can not perform it's cheat routine.

Not working QRP stations has nothing to do with the contest rules, it has to do with the inability of JT65 to copy really weak signals. The bigges advantage of the logger chatting therefore is to enter unknown calls into the program so that they can be "worked".

However, nothing is further from the truth, these stations are not worked.

Deep Search is fooling the operator into beleiving that a valid QSO is taking place when it is not!

So I can understand why Bill is upset, but in reality he should redirect his frustration to the man who fooled a large part of the EME community into beleiving that they actually transfer full EME messages via the moon at Deep Search S/N levels.

That man is Joe Taylor, K1JT.

Members of the the ARRL contest committee are not to be blamed for creating a fair radio contest, free of online chatting.

CW operators don't have to cheat, we decode signals as we hear them, no matter what the callsign is.

CW is King! It really is!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

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